Further more needs of Smyrna Development Society (SDS)

Purchasing of Land for Head Office Building: Purchasing of Land for Head Office Building is needed. At present SDS holds office on the 3rd floor of a rented building in Dhaka city. Every year house rent is being increased at a very high rate. This floor/ flat cannot hold the entire projects and programs with their staff members. So, SDS requires buying a suitable land in Dhaka City or in Saver area under Dhaka District to build their Head Office House. But the organization has no fund at all on this account. Potential donor/ donor group support will be required.

Micro Bus: A Micro Bus is needed for use as office transport for carrying staff and teams to monitor the project activities in the other Districts, children of our orphanage on various occasions, Foreign Visitors to and from Airport of Bangladesh etc. But we are unable to provide fund for the purpose as we have no money on this account.