Home of Peace Project

This Project seeks to provide safe shelter including food, clothing, medical treatment and amenities of life to 50 women and 50 children to be rescued from the clutch of the traffickers.

Women will be given non-formal adult education and appropriate handicrafts training for producing goods for foreign and local marketing to earn substantial profit in order that they may be established in the society in honor and dignity. The children will be put to our Home of the Champions for maintenance and education along with others for their future life
As planned, the produce from fishery, dairy farm, cow fattening, goat rearing and crops and vegetables gardening programs will be consumed by the inmates of the Home of the Champions and Home of Peace, thereafter the surplus will be marketed to meet up the deficit between the income and expenditure of the two Homes. This is an integrated type of project. We are seeking for potential donors/donor group for financial support to our Home of Peace Project Proposal.