Home of the Champions


We started our orphanage named “Home of the Champions” on the 1st November 2007 in Anandapur village, Savar under Dhaka district where at present 21 orphans from the poor and underprivileged family background including sexually abused and street children are being supported with food, shelter, clothing, education, medical aid and other amenities of life. Our initial plan is to support 30 children of such status. This orphanage stands on our present own land which cannot accommodate 30 children. The children are aging, so the girls require to be separated from the boys for which buying land and building construction will be necessary. Our present need is also financial supports for operating expenses of the orphanage. We seek for help and cooperation from the potential donor. Would any donor or donor group extend their generous hands to financially support us for the purpose.


Children are plying

children-are-playing- 2--children-are-playing-

boys-are-playing-2 boys-are-playing


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