Pre-school Program



We have a Pre-school for the kids to study from beginner’s level for 2 years period in Nikeswar village of Naogaon district in Bangladesh. The project is for the Children from the underprivileged families who are socially, economically and politically neglected and have rare opportunity of having non-formal education in the school. On successful completion of their study here the students will seek for admission into the nearby primary school with help and co-operation from our school teachers who will keep in close contact with those students and their families, give them necessary counseling in their children’s education so that they continue their study and become valuable contributors to the nation building. Our principal aims are to give early childhood education free of cost and ease their families from financial burden by providing text books, stationery, school uniform etc. and motivate the parents to continue their children education. There are 60 children in the school at present. Many regions of Bangladesh require such schools but we are unable to build further pre-schools due to our fund constraint. Donor/donor groups support will be required.

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